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​Babak Govan is a fiction author and, as Secret Arcade, a music artist.

​Babak's writing debuted in North American Review ("Fighting Fish"), and he was a finalist for a Glimmer Train award. His story "Glow," published in Palo Alto Review, was deemed "flawless" and "brilliant" by Shenandoah literary review. His dystopian novel A-Void was selected as a Top Ten Book of 2018.  

Secret Arcade's debut synthpop/dark-wave/electronic rock album Quarter Century, a fusion of dark and light elements, skyrocketed on college radio. Two tracks include work by keyboardist Roger Joseph Manning, Jr. of Beck’s backing band and whose projects included Jellyfish, Johnny Cash, Interpol, and Morrissey. Glen Nicholls (e.g., Depeche Mode, Snow Patrol) mixed and mastered the album. A new full-length album is forthcoming.